My name is Tim Parke, owner of Lone Star Taste. Thank you for visiting our website. 

Back in 2009, my wife Sylvia and I spent our honeymoon in Fredericksburg Texas and visited one of the better known Texas gourmet stores, Rustlin Robs.  I have always loved food, trying new recipes and tasting unique things and being native Texan that experience spawned my dream of a Texas gourmet store.  Our dream finally started taking shape in 2011 when a family friend Akhil helped us come up with the name Lone Star Taste.

We arrived in Port Aransas in 2014 and soon met Andrea, a graphic designer, who helped create our logo. The L is the base of the cart which morphs into a spoon representing tasting our Texas food. But it is also the brim of a cowboy hat, a sign of our Texas heritage. The heart brings into play the love or our great state and the love we have for our fellow Texans who believe in their products the way we believe in our store.  

A year later everything finally fell into place and we finally opened our store. We had saved enough money to open the store without borrowing, we had found an ideal location requiring little work and most importantly we met a great manger and hired Karen. 

Since opening Lone Star Tastes, I have search far and wide for Texas made products bringing only the best back to Lone Star Taste. Our logo is a symbol of that effort.